Approved Provider, Educator and Service Owner – Erin Adney

Mimosa Kids is privately owned by Erin and Laurence Adney. The Adney’s have been educating and caring for children aged 0-12 with over 25 years’ experience in the sector. Erin is trained in early childhood education and both Erin and Laurence enjoy playing an active role in supporting their staff members and ensuring a high quality of care and education for all children is provided. Erin and Laurence have three adult children of their own, and being a family owned and run service the Adney’s children are each involved in the service in some capacity.


Nominated Supervisor, MOOSH Coordinator and Educational Leader – Laura Martin

Laura Martin is the new Co-ordinator of our MOOSH team. Laura works closely with all educators to ensure the provision of a high quality programme that incorporates the children’s ideas, wants, needs and emerging interests.Laura has many years’ experience working with children aged 0-12 and has completed her Bachelor of Education at Macquarie University.
Laura has experience working as Primary School Teacher in local public schools. Previously to this role Laura was working as an Early Childhood Teacher at our Preschool in the Kookaburras room and is already familiar with some of our children and families.

Laura’s aim for 2016 is to maintain a strong framework within which your children can feel both safe and stimulated while in our care.


Our Educators            

Melissa Luscri is fondly known as Mel or Mel.L by all of our children, families and educators.
Mel has always has a passion to work with children of all ages and has been inspired by their eager and inquisitive minds to pursue a career in education.
Mel is currently studying her degree in primary education and has been working at Mimosa for at least three years now. Mel is very family orientated and love to be surrounded by people that make me happy. (She is also an excellent tiramisu!!!)




Kenneth Morris grew up and has lived in Frenchs Forest his entire life. The kids love to hang out and play with Kenneth and he will boldly tell you that he enjoys the finer things in life such as surfing, fancy dining and serving in the local community. Kenneth is of South American decent and claims he gets his curls from his Mum, he is also fondly looking forward to spending his lunch breaks at the new Glen Street shopping centre once it opens this year! When he is not working at MOOSH, Kenneth is busy studying primary education at Macquarie University.




Annalise Wingham has been a part of the MOOSH team for just over 6 months and has enjoyed forming meaningful relationships and spending time with the MOOSH children.
Annie is currently studying exercise and sports science and the University of Sydney with the intention of doing her masters of education next year.
Annie is extremely passionate about health and physical activity, especially amongst young people, and often encourages the MOOSH children to engage in beneficial gross motor activities including fun ball sports such as soccer and basketball, and running games.




Zoe Jackson is currently studying and enjoying her second year at University studying psychology.
Zoe enjoys playing netball and active outdoor activities, she hopes to be able to implement some of her interests into the MOOSH program, offering stimulating and physical experiences for the children.
Zoe is looking forward learning all about each MOOSH child and building relationships with their families.




Melissa Adney has been working for Mimosa Kids for over 10 years. As a member of our Management Team Melissa often works as a relief educator for both our MOOSH and Preschool services. Melissa enjoys spending time with the children extending on their knowledge, skills and interests and above all just forming strong relationships and having fun! Melissa is Diploma trained and also completing her Bachelor of Early Childhood education in her (non-existent) spare time.





Michelle Adney works casually at our preschool and MOOSH services. Michelle an enrolled Nurse and is currently completing her Diploma in Children’s services. The children and families love Michelle’s loud, fun personality as she often runs some of our most exciting group games. Being an enrolled nurse Michelle is an invaluable team member who often reminds each educator of the importance of strictly following the services health and hygiene procedures.


Chris Adney is our services on call Maintenance person.  Chris is a member of our management team and available as a relief educator often participating in our Holiday Club Program to ensure the smooth running of activities and to be an extra pair of hands when we have particularly busy days. Whenever our room is in need of a face-lift or we have new equipment to be installed we know we will have the pleasure of seeing more of Chris!


Our Office Administration Star

Sharon Stewart (Tuesdays, Thursdays and every second Monday)

Do you need help with your account?? Never fear, we are here to help! – Sharon is able to help you with any account problems/questions or queries. You can call the Centre 94531162, send us an e-mail
to or simply visit the preschool office between 9am-3pm.