The MOOSH Team


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Erin & Laurence

Approved Providers, Educator, Service Owners- Erin & Laurence Adney

Erin and Laurence are the owners of Mimosa Kids and are the Approved Providers of the service. Erin has been educating and caring for children aged 0-12 for over 25 years. Erin & Laurence enjoy playing an active role in supporting their dedicated Team Members and ensuring a high quality of care and education for all children is provided.





Vicky H 2Nominated Supervisor, MOOSH Coordinator, Educational Leader- Vicky Hayes






N12M05 AmyMOOSH Assistant Coordinator, Assistant Educational Leader- Amy Rothwell









N12M05Stephanie Sadler


maddiMaddi Coleman


JuliaJulia Allan


JackJack Crombie


KierenKieren Nixon


georgiaGeorgia O’Sullivan


GusGus Bailey


Zoe Hersee


BritneyBritney Koch


Braeden Hardcastle


CameronCameron Hill


PiperPiper Koch


Rebecca Feather


SophiaSophia Greentree


Natalie Cheng




JennyJenny Frangoples









N12M05 SharonSharon Stewert (Mondays and Thursdays)